How to make edible oil: A primer

The edible oil industry is growing fast, and the market for the stuff is growing as well.The edible oils you see in grocery stores are the result of the efforts of thousands of people.But the foodies’ efforts are being met with skepticism.“It’s a very competitive industry and there’s a lot of pressure to get in […]

The first batch of edible chanda oil is ready to be distributed to food producers

Israel is about to make its first batch available for sale in the country.According to a statement by the Israeli Food Authority (IFA), the first batch has been tested for the presence of chanda extract, which is made from dried chanda leaves.It will be sold in food stores as chanda, chanda and chanda-oil, but will […]

How to save the edible oil industry

The edible oil market is a $2.3 trillion market in Europe, according to a recent report by the European Food Safety Authority.But the industry’s value has also been falling in recent years.This article looks at what the industry could do to protect its value and what steps could be taken to increase its attractiveness for […]

A $10 million investment to expand Marico’s edible oil brand

POLITICO New York — Marico Inc. has hired a new chief executive officer, a move that could further strengthen its brand amid concerns that the company’s product lines could not compete with rival brands in the food industry.The company on Monday said John Marico, who has been in charge of the edible oils division since […]

When it comes to edible oil, edible oil is here to stay

Posted September 21, 2018 08:02:10In a recent article, edible oils, commonly referred to as edible oil extractors, claim that edible oil has already surpassed fossil fuels in terms of extraction.“If you look at the fossil fuel industry and say ‘we need to extract fossil fuels to produce edible oil’, that’s the end of the discussion,” […]

What’s edible in the aisle of the edible carrier oil aisle?

The aisle of edible carrier oils is littered with ads touting the health benefits of these oils, claiming that they are “a safe, natural alternative to petroleum-based lubricants,” and even boasting of their ability to prevent skin cancers.However, many of these claims are not supported by scientific research, and have been shown to be at […]


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