Which oil is the cheapest edible oil?

An oil that is often called “cheapest oil” has been found to be the most efficient, according to research by a team of researchers at the University of Toronto and the Australian National University.

The researchers, who published their results in the journal Scientific Reports, analyzed data on the world’s largest oil companies, finding that an edible oil with an average yield of 4,000 calories per gram had an average conversion efficiency of 99.2%.

They also found that this edible oil’s low-sulfur content is responsible for a higher efficiency.

In their report, the researchers note that “the main reason for this high efficiency is that edible oils contain relatively little sulfur (the key component of sulfur compounds) and therefore, the chemical composition is well controlled.”

They note that an average edible oil can contain a total of 2.6 grams of sulfur, so the “low-sulphur content” of this oil could also have contributed to its efficiency.

The study used data from more than 100 edible oil producers to find the lowest-cost edible oil.

They identified the “most efficient” edible oil and the most expensive edible oil as being from a single oil company.

According to the researchers, this edible oils high sulfur content is also responsible for its low conversion efficiency.

When the researchers analyzed the data, they found that the highest-sustained efficiency was found for oils with a sulfur content of 0.2 mg/g, or 1.1% of the oil.

This “sulfate content” is considered to be an indication of a high oil quality.

For example, if you look at a typical commercial oil, you might think that the oil’s sulfur content would be higher than 0.1 mg/kg, but in fact, it is very low.

This means that the sulfur content in a typical oil is at least 0.005% of that in the original oil.

The scientists found that oil with a high sulfur concentration had a higher conversion efficiency than oil with low sulfur content.

The low sulfur value is the most important factor in the oil being consumed, and the efficiency of an edible oils oil depends on its sulfur content, they wrote in the report.


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