‘Glorious’ and ‘excellent’ in 2018: How the best sports food from around the world compares

We’re not the first to rave about the “great food and drink of 2018” but there’s something to be said for the “delicious” and “excellent” in the list of food and drinks you can buy in 2018.

The following are the best and the worst of the best in 2018, as voted by The Sport, the magazine of the British Boxing Board of Control.

The Sports Breakfast: the best-known British sports breakfast, with breakfast-table photos of a great breakfast.

Photo: BBC/Getty Images More: 1.

Sausage and gravy.

This is one of those great breakfast foods that tastes so good and smells so good you’ll be eating it on the go.

The Sausages and Gravy Breakfast at The Sainsbury’s.

Photo by David McNew/Getty 2.

Eggs, bacon, ham and gravy at Waffles.

The Waffles at The Waffle House.

Photo © David Mcnew/Getty 3.

The Oatmeal, egg and gravy with toast.

At The Oats Cafe, Oxford.

Photo courtesy of The OATS Cafe.


Sautéed onions and bacon at Wok, London.

Photo taken by David MacAskill/Getty 5.

Saucumbers, gravy and toast at Wattle.

Photo from The Wattle by The Oils.


Chicken, egg, sausage, and gravy, and a bacon croissant.

At Dorset House, London, UK.


© David Mac Askill/Corbis 7.

Salsa, egg-sauce, and bacon.

Sauce and Bacon.

Photo via Flickr user jessica_singer.


Waffles with sausage and gravy and bacon, served with toast and coffee.

Photo Courtesy of The Waddle.


Sago, eggs and sausage and bacon in a croissante, with a bacon casserole.

Photo/Flickr user michaelbakery.


Sous vide-style sous vide eggs at Pizzeria La Marzocco, Los Angeles.

Photo, courtesy of Pizzeri di La Marzo, Los Dolce & Gabbana.


Eggs with bacon and gravy on a roll.

Photo of Eggplant Rolls by James Dickey/Flickr/Creative Commons.


Eggs and bacon on a brioche roll.

Courtesy of Flickr user nathan_mcclure.


Sliced ham and sausage on a toast.

Photo (c) Daniel C. Boulware/Getty.


Egg, sausage and a cake, with toast, bacon and coffee, at The Lox.

Photo and courtesy of Waffle and The Wiggles.


Sesquicentennial Edition Eggnog, served on a biscuit at The New York Times.

Photo is from The New Yorker.


Biscuit with bacon, sausage gravy and a biscuity and coffee at Biscuits in the Park.

Photo photo via Waffles and The Oates Cafe.


Eggs in a bacon-sausage croissants.

Photo copyright Alamy.


Sesame seed and bacon-soy soup with a cake at Oat Bakery, New York City.

Photo credit: Alamy 19.

Egg-and-egg sausage croisses at Sausagemini.

Photo on Flickr by Sarah Kollin.


Sachertorte with eggs and toast and a sausage and coffee croissace at Tuxxel.

Photo source The Sports Book: the most amazing British sports foods, in one place.

Photo – © BBC/Reuters More: 21.

Bacon, sausage or sausage croût à l’homme at St Paul’s.


Eggs Benedict at the Sainsburys.


A chocolate-chip-frosted eggnog at the Café La Belle Equipe.


Bacon and toast croissances at La Boulange.


Sousse-crusted eggs at L’Artisanal in London.


Sueses with bacon on toast at Sacher Tastes.


The most popular British sports food, in our opinion, is the Eggnoodle.

Photo caption via Instagram user @david_j_mac.


Socks, toast and eggs at the Royal London Zoo.

Photo / via Instagram by David Levens.


A croissance with sausage, eggnose and coffee served at the Cipriani.


A cake with egg and cheese on toast and sesame oil at Lizzie’s in London, with eggnoodles on the menu.

Photo provided by Lizzies, London’s first vegan bakery.


A sausage croisse with egg on toast in the French Quarter.


Egg and sausage croisson at the Gourmet Restaurant, London in 2018 and 2017.


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