How the edibles industry is ruining our economy

The edibles business is destroying the country.

The number of Americans who buy the stuff is down, and so is the economic recovery.

That’s because of the new wave of edibles that have been invented in the last few years, with all the hype and marketing, and then the real estate boom that followed.

The first wave of these edibles hit stores in 2015, and the edifices were marketed to people who want to have sex with their dogs.

Edible oil, as the name implies, is a liquid oil that’s not actually edible, but is meant to help people feel comfortable and energized after a long day of doing work.

The edifice industry is now worth an estimated $8 billion annually, according to market research firm IRI.

And the industry has been growing at a tremendous rate since the last bubble burst in 2008.

Edibles are now the number one food product in the United States, and they’re the fastest-growing segment of the food supply.

But the edifying process is a big business, and it’s not helping the economy.

Edifices have a bad track record of creating jobs.

They’re mostly consumed by teenagers who want the pleasure of eating something they might not actually enjoy.

The majority of edible products sold in the U.S. are made in China, and these products often lack nutrition information, which means they’re not healthy for most people.

The food safety issues surrounding edible products also have a negative impact on the economy: a study by researchers at the University of Michigan found that about one in five edible products contain mold, which can lead to foodborne illness.

The Food and Drug Administration recently issued new guidelines that will make it more difficult for companies to manufacture edible products that are less healthy.

But there’s also the fact that edible edibles are often sold at discount stores and online, which is a bad idea.

For example, the Food and Cosmetics Code has been amended to require food companies to list ingredients on products as a condition of sales.

That way consumers can know exactly what ingredients are in an edible product.

In the meantime, we’re left with the idea of buying something that tastes like food that we won’t eat, which only makes things worse.

The next time you see a dog or cat licking its fingers, remember that they’re actually eating edible oil.


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