The oil industry is getting in on the dab craze, too

The oil and gas industry is hoping the world will soon be awash in dab-shaped oil products.

It has set up a website,, and is promoting the dab oil paraffins it sells on its website.

The website’s title reads, “It’s not that dab is bad, it’s just not something that you should be selling in a mass-produced product.”

It includes a link to a page on dabbooms website, which includes a photo of a woman dabbing on a piece of foil.

“What you see is a dab oil that is a product of the same process as paraffine oil, it is made from paraffined materials,” the page says.

“The oil is pure, and there is no paraffinic oil added.

The paraffinated material has been processed and then cured with the paraffinity of water.”

The website says that the products are made by using the same methods as parafoil.

The companies behind dabboomers website are hoping that the global demand for the product will soon make its way to retailers and restaurants.

It says they have had an average of about 100,000 orders a month since it launched last year.

The products are sold in capsules of two per package, with each capsule containing 50 millilitres of dab oil.

The company says its product is 100 per cent pure and that the capsules can be used to treat skin, eyes and nose.

“We believe that dabboomy will be an important product to be introduced into the market,” said James S. Brown, vice-president of sales for the company.

“With more and more people turning to dabbing, it will become a very important ingredient in our overall products line-up.”

Brown says dabboommers products are still in the prototype phase.

“Currently, our product is a liquid solution with no solidification or curing process,” he said.

“Our product is still in its early stages and we will have more to share as time goes on.”

Brown said the company is not looking for investors and is not interested in launching its product into the United States.

But, he says, it has been working with other states to expand its market.

“There are many jurisdictions in Canada that are looking at the potential to market dabboomer products and we have a strong relationship with some of them,” he added.

Brown says that in the meantime, the company has launched a series of online ads to help customers find products.

The ads include a photograph of a dabbing woman, and a question and answer section.

Brown said it is difficult to know what people are looking for when they see ads like these.

“In the future, we will continue to work with states and other jurisdictions to help make sure we are bringing the dabboOM product to consumers as soon as possible,” he wrote.

“What you are seeing is a very unique product,” said Brown.

“But, we know that not everybody is a fan of dabbooming.

“Dabbooms product is meant to be enjoyed and we think that dab-boom will be a great product for our community.” “

Read more about:”

Dabbooms product is meant to be enjoyed and we think that dab-boom will be a great product for our community.”

Read more about:


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