What you need to know about sandakans edible oil

The story of a family-run oil business, Sandakan, started in the 1970s and thrived until it was bought out by a Dutch conglomerate in 2008.

Sandakans family-owned oil company is currently in the process of selling its assets to a Dutch investment company.

Sandakans product is made from the skins of wild fish and has a taste similar to dried seaweed.

A product with a unique flavour, it is a staple in Indonesian cuisine and is also known as sandakang, meaning sandalwood.

“Sandakan’s product has become the staple of many of Indonesia’s markets,” Mr Tanen said.

The oil is produced from a unique species of sea turtle called Sandakang.

Mr Tanen was born in the 1980s and his father worked at the oil company.

He said that when he was in school, he would often make friends with Sandakas employees who would give him free oil.

He said the company’s products were sold in Indonesia and in Malaysia and had been exported to more than 100 countries.

According to Sandak’s website, the product was used in Indonesia for cooking and as an ingredient in many dishes.

In 2010, Sandakhans owner and chairman, Abdul Razzak, announced he would leave the company and take over as the CEO.

Razzak was succeeded by a new group of owners, including a Dutch-Dutch businessman, who have yet to reveal the sale price.

However, a company spokesman told The Age that the sale would be valued at about $10 million.

Last year, Mr Tanens son, Tanen Tanen, was named chairman of Sandak, which was also acquired by a Malaysian company in 2016.

It is unclear whether Sandak has plans to reopen its Indonesian operation.

With reports from AAP.


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