How to use edible oils to enhance your food and beverages

If you’ve ever tried to boil water, you’ve probably experienced a few splashes of water.

The trick to making water taste better, of course, is to add water to it.

It’s called marico, and it’s a widely-used culinary herb that’s also found in all kinds of things: tea, coffee, and tea bags.

In a recent experiment, I tested marico in water and water samples of fruit, coffee beans, and other ingredients, and discovered that it works in just about any recipe.

Here are a few ways to use it in your cooking.


Add water to your salad dressing and make it even more delicious with marinades like rosemary, sage, oregano, and cumin.


Add marinade to your homemade tortilla chips and make them the perfect crunchy snack.


Add it to your grilled chicken and it adds flavor to any recipe!


Add salt to your roasted cauliflower and it’ll make it a meal for two.


Add herbs like sage, parsley, and oreganos to a variety of recipes, and you can use it to create a spicy dipping sauce.


Add a pinch of marjoram to your ice cream to make it so creamy it tastes like heaven.


Add some marjors to your fish sauce to make a creamy sauce.


Add just a bit of marinara to your pizza sauce to bring out its flavor and melt on the grill.


Add ground marjoris to your tomato sauce to help it caramelize and melt in your mouth.


Add fresh marjour for a little kick.


Add honey to your pasta sauce to add a little flavor.


Add rosemary to your red wine sauce to get that freshness and taste of spring.


Add cumin to your pesto to make pesto that’s extra savory.


Add thyme and rosemary for a subtle spice.


Add chives to your cumin-garlic sauce to give it a bite of spice.


Add basil to your mozzarella to make your mozza a little bit more Italian.


Add crushed garlic to your pappardelle to make that delicious bite of garlic.


Add dried oreganoes to your balsamic vinegar to bring it out of its shell.


Add parsley to your olive oil to give the olive a subtle green flavor.


Add oreganol to your basil and rose petals to give them a lovely floral aroma.


Add lemon to your lemon-scented dressing to add that lemon flavor.


Add garlic to any of your vegan sauces, or make a vegan dressing to use in the recipe.


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