How to eat edible oil in your home

The idea of using edible oil as a natural, affordable, and safe alternative to petroleum-based cooking oils has been around for a while.

There are plenty of products available for home use, including oils that are derived from plants, or oils that have a chemical structure that mimics petroleum-like properties.

But until recently, the only way to use edible oils as a cooking oil was to buy them from a store.

Now, a new, cheaper, and more versatile product called the Bamboo Oil, which is made with a combination of bamboo and olive oil, is getting a lot of attention. 

Bamboo Oil’s creator, Bakkyan Dharan, has been making bamboo oil since 2012.

He sells it online at a price of about $15 per jar.

He has a special formula that makes the oil more palatable, which allows it to be used for cooking as well as for cleaning.

Dharant says the product has helped him sell out of his entire batch of bamboo oil in the last three months. 

“My first batch sold out in the first week, so I’m not sure how many people are interested in buying my bamboo oil, but I think it’s more than enough,” Dharann said. 

The bamboo oil he uses is the same kind that you would find in a supermarket or food market. 

It’s made from bamboo, and it’s also made from a combination with olive oil.

Damp bamboo is used to make the oil.

The bamboo oil is also made of an edible oil, which can be a bit hard to find.

But, the edible oil itself is safe to eat, and can help lower the risk of stomach upset. 

Dharan said his bamboo oil has helped people who suffer from stomach ulcers to make better use of their oil.

“People who are not able to eat the traditional way of eating, for example, they may not be able to consume the oil for a longer period of time,” he said.

“So for them, it is an alternative.” 

Dhaval Puthur, an associate professor of nutrition and food science at Harvard University, has researched how edible oils affect the body.

He told ABC News that edible oils, like oil, have to be processed to be safe for people to use.

Puthor said the same oils can have a similar effect on your body.

“For example, one type of oil can have anti-inflammatory properties and be used to treat asthma, but the other type of oils are known to cause heart disease and cancer,” Puthar said.

“But for a person to make that switch to something that is safer and is better for their health, that’s an important step,” he added.

Pothur said there are other ingredients in bamboo oil that are potentially harmful.

But he said there is also research showing that edible oil can be useful for people who are overweight or obese.

“Bamboo oil has shown to lower LDL, the bad cholesterol in the blood, which has been linked to heart disease,” Pothar said, noting that this is one of the main reasons people with diabetes and other metabolic conditions are at a higher risk of developing heart disease. 

Pothar added that bamboo oil can also help prevent inflammation, which he said could help to slow the progression of type 2 diabetes, and reduce blood pressure and other risk factors associated with high blood pressure.

“If you can lower the blood pressure of people with type 2 [diabetes], then you can have better control of heart disease later on,” Pathur said.

Puthur said he was surprised to find that bamboo oils could also help people with cancer, since cancer cells are often found in the intestines of cancer patients.

He said that if you are able to reduce your risk of cancer in the digestive tract, then bamboo oil could also reduce your overall risk of the disease.

“The same compounds that cancer cells use, that are associated with obesity and other diseases, can also be effective at reducing inflammation,” Pithur said, adding that he is hopeful that bamboo will be an effective way to treat diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. 

But it’s not the only edible oil that could help people who have metabolic diseases.

Pathurs research found that bamboo extracts, or extracts derived from the plants, could also lower blood pressure, improve lipid metabolism, and improve insulin sensitivity.

“Bamboo is a great source of nutrition for people with metabolic disease because of its high content of fiber, which contains some essential nutrients for the body,” he told ABC.


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