A vegan’s quest to save her country’s edible moringsa

In northern Cameroon, the world’s oldest edible moringo is in peril.

The moringo’s annual harvest, known as the dlama harvest, is one of the world-famous festivals in Cameroon.

But its importance goes beyond its significance in the history of the country.

Since its creation in the 1930s, the dlamas (or “snowballs”) have become a staple of the traditional cuisine of the people of the Niger Delta region, who rely on them for their meat and rice.

It is one reason why, according to the World Food Programme, the Niger River basin is home to more than 1.5 million Nigerians.

In 2010, the moringos were banned by Cameroonian President Paul Biya and the Nigerians began boycotting them.

Since then, the number of dlamams have dropped by more than 90 per cent.

In 2014, Cameroon’s Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Laurent Kocoumba, declared the morinos as illegal and ordered that they be sold in the country or confiscated.

Kocougba also threatened to ban the imports of the moriningos.

The government, however, has been unable to stop the moringsas from entering the country from Nigeria.

But now, the Morinogo Association of Cameroon (MACA) is trying to save the morini oil dispensers from the chopping block.

They say the oil is an important source of income for their people.

“There is a huge demand for the morino oil.

So it has become a very important source to feed people,” said Jules Gaudet, a member of the Moriniogo Association.

The oil is also used in traditional medicine, as well as by traditional healers in the region.

In 2016, the association started selling the oil in bulk.

It now sells more than 7 million litres per day, enough to supply the needs of a million households.

It was hoped that selling the mori oil would be the end of the ordeal, but this week, the president said the dispensers should not be sold, but should be destroyed.

This means the Moriniso Association has decided to sue the government and the local authorities.

“It’s a simple matter.

The dispensers must be destroyed and we will have to pay the fine,” Gaudete said.

The president of the Association of Moriniogos, Charles Bonnet, is equally convinced that the dispenser should be dismantled.

“We are not going to pay for it.

We will have nothing,” he said.

But not everyone agrees.

The Morinioglobea Association, which has been fighting for the dispensing of the oil since its inception, is confident that it will prevail.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to sell morinago oil.

It will destroy it.

But they should be killed,” said Nana Boubacar.

The head of the association, Tolo, agrees.

“If you want to destroy the morine oil, then let them burn it.

That’s all.

We are not trying to kill them,” he told Al Jazeera.

The authorities have so far failed to back up their threats to the Morinos.

The government has said that the moridolas are illegal and that it intends to enforce the ban.

But the Morioglobeas Association, and others in the community, say that this is not enough.

“The ban will continue for another two years, but the ban is not the solution,” Tolo said.

In fact, they are planning a boycott of the Nigerian market.


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