How to remove an unsightly crust from your home aquarium

How do you get rid of an unscented crust from an aquarium?

I think I have an answer for you!

 I have spent the past few weeks cleaning up and cleaning up an aquarium, and one of the biggest issues I have found is that the aquarium is quite large.

 This is no surprise considering how large the aquarium was in the first place.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “oil filtrate”, it is a type of oil that is typically used in aquarium cleaning.

It’s a very fine powder that can easily be brushed off, but it is highly porous.

I have noticed that the crusts that are stuck to the walls are very hard to remove from an indoor aquarium.

My wife and I have been cleaning and removing these crusts from the aquarium several times since the day we moved in.

For the most part, they are easily removed, but one time we managed to scrape off a few of the crust pieces and the rest of the aquarium had to be completely filled up with water to remove them.

Fortunately, the crust has been removed.

After we filled up the tank with water, we removed the crust by using a damp rag and then using a toothbrush to scrape the crust off.

Then we used the toothbrush again to scrape them off with the dry sandpaper.

We had to do this for about three hours.

While I did not remove all of the excess oil from the crust, I did remove a few crust pieces from the wall and they were now very hard.

This was a major setback as the water in the tank would not run clear of the wall without these crust pieces.

The next time we cleaned the aquarium, I was able to scrape away a few more crust pieces, but they were still stuck to some of the walls.

These crusts are a little harder to remove, but once you remove them, the problem is gone.

So, there you have it.

You have two options for cleaning up the crust on an aquarium: 1.

Use a tooth brush to scrape some off the wall with the sandpaper, or2.

Use the dry rag and sandpaper to scrape it off.

I think this method has worked for me, and I’m glad that I chose to do it.

I think the crust removal process has worked because I’m not constantly wiping off excess oil with a damp sponge or using a wet sandpaper when cleaning the aquarium.

If I ever do find myself cleaning the walls, I will wipe it off with a wet sponge and then scrub the dust with a dry rag.

Have you ever had a problem with an aquarium and wanted to share your story?

Let me know!

The Best Place to Clean Your Aquarium


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