How edible oil businesses are adapting to climate change

Bloomberg|Marissa Wollmann|2 Mar 31 00:19:16The number of edible oil companies operating in the US has been growing faster than other industries.

The number of the US edible oil industry has been increasing steadily from 7,000 to 16,000. 

“It’s a very interesting time in the edible oil world, but the real opportunity is in the middle of the year,” said Mark Koehn, co-founder and CEO of the American Food Products Association. 

The industry has seen a shift in the food industry, as consumers shift from meat and dairy to non-animal products, like vegetables, fruits and fruit juices.

But some edible oil products are more challenging than others, according to industry experts. 

Koehn said it’s important for the edible oils industry to keep an eye on the climate. 

 “A lot of the things that we have learned from the past are still applicable,” Koehrn said. 

An estimated 15 percent of US edible oils were grown on-site, up from 10 percent in 2015, according the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Koehns said this represents a shift from the previous agricultural system. 

But the edible products industry is changing in other ways, too. 

While the industry has long been focused on producing edible oils for use in food, Koehm said the edible companies have shifted focus from that to other products like cosmetics and food-related products. 

In addition, the edible industry has had to adapt to climate-related changes. 

There have been several cases of natural disasters and outbreaks of infectious diseases that have impacted edible oils.

“There are certain food-borne pathogens that are more persistent, more persistent and more virulent,” Kowhns added. 

As a result, the industry is working to ensure products meet the strictest standards for environmental protection and quality.

“The edible oils we produce today are all designed to be food-safe,” Koeshn said.

Koehhn said the industry’s goal is to become more transparent about how it is using and disposing of edible oils and how that affects environmental quality.

“We want to be able to tell the whole story,” Kowehn said, adding that the industry will continue to work with federal and state governments on developing standards.


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